Positive ReinforcementThe Key To A Balanced Life

A choir is made up of many voices each with varying pitches, ranges & tones. Once a choir master learns to balance each of the characteristics before him, only then a true masterpiece is performed" - Dan Absolom



I have been working with dogs professionally since 2008, specialising in working with dogs with general behavioral issues such as nervous, hyperactive, destructive and aggressive dogs.

I would like to give my son credit for a large part of the knowledge I have gained with regards to behaviour. I couldn't have imagined then that his unique mind would send me down the road to understanding not only his mind better, but also my own and that of animals.

Absoloms Way

There is no such thing as a bad dog only a bad pack leader.

All animals (including humans) have an in-built natural response to events in their imediate surroundings or what we all know as the fight, flight or freeze impulse. But how animals learn to behave outside this natural response is governed by their experiances within social interactions.
Once you grasp the effects of behaviour management (such as body language, positive and negative reinforcement, and of conditioning) you can soon begin to see how your actions and reactions will affect that of another animal (and humans alike)

All of us have at some point been guilty of loosing grip of our behaviour managment skills, but we must learn to overcome this and reassert ourselves within our own family packs. Each member has its place and looks to a pack leader to control its direction, by teaching the pack what is the correct state of mind and accepted behaviour to any given situation will help bring harmony and balance.