Pricing Table The Plan

Initial Consultation
First visit minimum of 2.5 hours The initial consultation with any client will last a minimum of two and a half hours. This is for me to guage how the client and their dog interact and allow me to establish the appropriate training for the dog and issue the correct advice to the client in order to deal with the issues at hand.
1 to 1 Training
Priced as Per Hour One to one training carried out with the dog and if required with the client and dog together.
Depending on the issues at hand the training will be provided at either the clients home, during a solitary walk, a multi dog pack walk or with a private and confined two acre field.
Dog Walking
Priced as Per Hour This is a service offered to established clientele whos dogs are allready of stable mind suitable for pack walks and require their dog to be exercised helping deplete energy. Your dog can be collected and returned to your choice of location within our operating area.
Dog Sitting
Priced as Per Day This is a service that is suitable for anyone who is away for extended hours or away on holiday and do not want their dog left in a kennel. The dog will benefit from being included within pack walks and one to one training sesions. Full week stay will qualify for discounts

Negotiable Pricing

Please note that the above prices are our general prices. However our prices are always open for negotiation but are also subject to change and both circumstances are dependant on variables (i.e... multiple dogs, added travel costs, very unstable or hectic dogs etc..). If you have any queries please contact me by phone, email or using the quick contact form below.